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Wow we need more t-shirt model stock photos.


Due to lack of funds and participation, we only picked one person to win a free t-shirt. But that’s okay because in the future there will be more giveaways, we’ll probably do a giveaway every month once the shirts get printed. Anyway, the lucky winner of the Huey Lewis shirt is……

Please message us giving us your info and we’ll mail a shirt to you as soon as they come in!


-Nick and Joey


Whats up guys it’s Joey, I was wondering if any of you guys out there are as big into anime as myself. If so I would love to start designing a shirt from Gundam or Cowboy Bebop or something. If anyone has anygood ideas just message us!

rainbowherpes said: said to message yew if I didnt see the design thingy by saturday xD

Oh yeah! I work til 11pm but it will get done tonight.